Anonymous Developments: 10 things that impress a woman

Friday, December 13, 2013

10 things that impress a woman

The Lenguajecorporal site specializing in nonverbal communication , the men gave him a ranking of the fundamental laws of first impression.
 1. Start a chat. The first three minutes are crucial in a match . So if she is not very talkative , you take the initiative. Try to raise an issue that may be of general interest , such as work or what kind of movies you like. If you barely know , there are three forbidden topics: politics, religion and your sports fanaticism .

Two . Remember the details. Always, on the first date , women give the information that we consider most important in one's life: family , work and do what we like . If you want the relationship to flourish , you should remember every one of those details .
Three . Sit up straight . For nerves or because you feel in confidence , your position may suffer and look like you're falling off the chair. This lack of interest in women screened . So, better , stay well supported on the back.
April . Do not " bands " . Do not talk too much about your achievements you earn , the car you bought or how excellent you will at work. That will ruin your image quickly. Women do not like being told what they have. In any case, they can tell us what they aspire to .
May . Relax and enjoy. Do not think about what may happen after the date or what image will have it for you, just focus on the moment and the moment is right.
6. He smiles . Smiling is good to load , but it is wrong to abuse the smile ( yes, women are complicated ) . If you keep showing teeth all the time, you'll look absolutely false.
7. Show yourself a good mood. Women prefer a nice , sociable men , shown as good companions .
8. Speaks as ever. Some men , to impress , or use complex vocabulary are shown " pose " with an attitude that goes with your personality. Note that women are not easily fooled : we realize when something is forced .
9. Focus on her. Turn off your phone and avoid being distracted by the environment. Better watch it , listen , and show yourself interested. If you can focus on what you are saying, your success is almost assured.
10. Marce finish. The mystery is an important factor in the first few dates . So to finish a game , do not expect to be " cool " . If you see that she shows signs of being tired ( can be, even if it has been great) , time to finish. Leave her wanting to see you again.

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