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Friday, December 13, 2013

Real qualities of a " prince "

Every December I like tradition separate two nights to prepare a present of Christmas cards to friends and family .
As I write , I hear Christmas music of my little island , tasting a cup of hot chocolate and inspired me in happy times and not so good for that loved one experienced during 2013 , to give him words of encouragement , love and success.

The other night he wrote to one of my cousins ​​and I realized I had more than five years wishing that Prince Charming knocked on your door. But before grabbing the pen, reflected and analyzed why, being such a good woman , my cousin had always interacting with bad games . And this was part of what I wrote in your zip :
" To find the prince , whether arrives riding a white horse, on a motorcycle or on a parachute , there are three qualities that should never be absent from the man in your life :
1. Is confident : When a man is sure he trusts you, allows you to grow and not feel intimidated by your success . Meanwhile, an insecure man , show you constantly jealous and try to control yourself : tell from what to wear , to try to get away from your friends .
Two . Is balanced : He knows how to create a balance , has priorities in his life and does not allow overwork , expenses or pleasure, affect your relationship. For example , you will not spend the money on a casino vacation , nor will it stop accompany a family event because their work is more important than you.
Three . Is visionary : he has an entrepreneurial spirit and , perhaps , has not achieved much yet, but projected a good future because it is working hard . By contrast, a conformist man has no ambitions , no dreams of a future together ... "
If, like my cousin , you're a single with goals and dreams , I urge that this new year you start dwelling on self-confident , balanced and visionary men . Anyone who meets these three qualities can be the Prince Charming of your life .

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