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Friday, December 13, 2013

The taste of food changes with the plate

Some foodies say that when food is served in round white dishes looks better. But you know better too ?
They seem to be de rigueur in establishments serving food well presented and is also the common choice of those who cook at home.

" Served in a clean white plate , the food and their colors will be the main focus ," he told the BBC Kieran Lenihan , chef at Farrells Irish - Italian restaurant , Bristol , England.
" The dishes with drawings or ornaments stolen attention to food and leave appreciate their actual colors and textures ."
But there is another reason why white and round plates attract diners and cooks alike : the color and shape of the plate influence taste perception , as revealed by the results of an investigation.
Confirmed ... but not included
Peter Stewart , a professor of psychology at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, and his research partner Erica Goss led an experiment to see how people perceived the taste of a cheesecake served in black and white, round and square plates .
The result? White and round saucers improved some basic judgments .
"The ratings of sweetness and intensity were higher when served in round white dishes . So did scores of quality and taste ," says Stewart.
But why?
" The family aspect of round white plate may be the reason ," Stewart says , " but it is also learned associations may have influenced these ratings ."
" The white color has implicit associations with purity , brightness and possibly cleaning ( among many other things , I suspect ) and this triggers all kinds of effects ."
" It could even be as simple as that sugar is white ... There is no clear answer," he says.
However, be aware that the food on a white round plate and is perceived as sweeter could alter the way the chefs serve their desserts. If you are very sweet , may not be served on a white plate says .
Leigh Evans, head chef of Gourmet Chequers pub , located in Bath , England, believes it is very important to have the " appropriate vehicle to deliver a great dish ."
"When a recipe idea must think about the combination of flavors in how to cook and where to serve ," says Evans.
" If you have a sauce or something falls apart , it is best to avoid dishes with ornaments and colors, as a discouraging mess is created ."
" People do not want to eat a rib roast on a plate full of extravagance. You have to let the food speak for itself ," he tells the BBC.
David Wykes , chef Verveine seafood restaurant in Milford -on -Sea , England, has taken this concept to another level with his " white plate " , in which all ingredients are also of that color.
" Most chefs use a white plate to make the food stand out and look very striking. I use a completely opposite way ," he observes .
"I serve a completely white dessert on a white plate in order to make it look flat and monotonous , for the brain to tell you that everything is going to taste the same ."
" But when tested , the flavors are completely different and very bold , which makes it an amazing experience ."
Flat and monotonous
Previous research has shown that , like the dishes , silverware can influence the taste of food and the atmosphere, the smell , the sound and shape and color.
The modern style gastronomic David Wykes enables it to serve their creations on glass and pottery to evoke natural connections .
" I always look for the container suitable for my recipes , whether a green bowl, blue bowl , a stone, a can of sardines ."
"Great idea served the wrong dish covered with incorrect or no longer good . Continuity has to flow between the plate, cutlery , service , atmosphere and the identity of the restaurant," says the chef.
The study found that black square plates are also an option , it increased the rating given to the quality of food.
Stewart explains that this may be because people unconsciously related " black with elegance, sophistication , luxury and quality."
The influence of color
Many chefs and cooks feel that blacks are given food which works very well with certain types of cuisine.
The chef Kieran Lenihan said : " Thai food has very bright colors I'm sure you probably show up great on a black plate. " .
But are there other alternatives that might work?
Lenihan serves fish in " clear and large plates with blue circles ."
" I've never used a bowl of black color, but slate and granite to enhance the color of the plate ," the cook.
In the end, however, as the chef Evans says , " does not help it look nice, if you do not know well."

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